Who owns the article?

I've been writing an article called High Performance Game Development for quite some while now, and since it (in my opinion) contains a culmination of high quality knowledge about the complicated area of performance, I would like to make it available to the masses. I went looking for a place to post the article, but was surprised to see that most sites simply takes away your rights to the content of the article. Their disclaimer text often goes like this:

By submitting your article to xxxxxxxx, you are granting to us a permanent, non-exclusive license to use the article in any format we deem appropriate, with the assurance that you will always be given full credit for your work

I was also surprised to see that all sites want you to write the article, then upload it to them. You have no way of editing the article by yourself. You will have to contact the site owners to get your article updated. I can understand why they do this - it must be because of vandalism and inappropriate words and so on.
By why should I write an article, give it to them and essentially give them the rights to do whatever they want with the article?

No way...

That is why I decided to publish the article myself. I don't know where to host it yet, but hopefully it will get noticed and be passed around forums.


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