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Benchmarking Box2D Based Physics Engines

With the help of Paril - the developer of Box2C - I've made a benchmark of the following engines:jBox2D rev 261 trunk Box2D 2.2 Box2D 2.1.2 Box2C rev 20 (wrapper for Box2D 2.1.2) Farseer Physics Engine 3.2 I were quite surprised by the findings, so I decided to post them here.I benchmarked the different engines using the Pyramid test from the Box2D Testbed. We used a pyramid base count of 35 that resulted in 630 stacked boxes at once. We found that higher base count resulted in too much breakup in the pyramid in the engines based on Box2D 2.2. I started the tests and waited for the solver to converge and the timer output became steady. I repeated this several times to make sure the results were consistent.Test system2 x Quad core Xeon 2.33 Ghz 1333 Mhz FSB
Geforce 7900 GT 256 Mb RAMRunning Windows 7 64Bit with as few applications as possible.Box2D SettingsVelocity iterations: 8
Position iterations: 3
CCD: Enabled
Sleeping: Disabled