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Analysis of the Gamigo hashes

This leak analysis is dedicated to Steve Gibson of Gibson Research Corporation.
Thanks for a great show Steve!
Back in Februrary, a large gaming site called Gamigo was hacked, and in July, the full list of email and hashes found their way onto the Internet. are the kind providers of the hashes for this analysis, and as an added bonus, they also sent me the emails for this analysis. A huge thanks goes out to for their kindness.

The leak contains 9.475.226 valid MD5 hashes and 8.261.454 emails. It has 7.028.067 unique hashes and 8.244.423 unique emails.

In the time-frame of 7 days, 19 hours and 3 seconds, I was able to crack 7.731.708 hashes (81,6%).
Cracking SystemThe cracking was done on an ordinary GeForce 560 TI, 1024MB RAM graphics card using Hashcat-Plus v0.081 64bit. The settings of Hashcat were set to low, which resulted in only 90% cracking efficiency. Had it been optimized, the full crack would have taken 6 days and 20 hours.

Different cracking techniq…