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Facebook style auto-complete textbox in

You might have seen the crispy AJAX enabled auto-complete list when entering friends into a textbox. I was especially intrigued by the “Compose Message – To:” textbox. You enter a part of a name and almost instantly a list of names popup. Adding a name is as simple as selecting it from the list and it gets added to the textbox.I started to identify the different parts of this functionality:Labels inside textbox Auto-completion on entering text Growable textbox size Highlighting of results Close button on labels Many more… It looked like a daunting task, so I decided to search for an already made solution instead of making one myself. I came across an Ajax Control Toolkit issue that requested this functionality and even a jQuery plugin mentioned on Stack Overflow. Seemed like a lot of people mentioned this functionality, but nothing really appealed to me until I found TextboxList on immediately caught my attention since it had a working demo that was exactly what I wa…